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Guidance for Exposure, Quarantine, and Testing

If you have been exposed to an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19, it is recommended that you quarantine for 14 days past the most recent exposure. Receiving a negative test during quarantine does not release an individual from the 14 day quarantine.


The quarantined individual should ideally stay in their own space as much as possible. They should not share space with other household members if possible. They should ideally have a designated bathroom that others do not use. This allows other household members to go about their daily activities. A contact of a contact does not have to be isolated.


Testing is limited by supply availability and turnaround times. The turnaround time for many send out PCR tests is 5-7 days. Rapid testing supplies are also very limited and are being used for testing acutely ill patients. We cannot offer testing for individuals who do not have any symptoms. If one of our quarantined patients becomes symptomatic, they can be seen in our office. If testing is warranted, the provider who sees the patient will decide which test is most appropriate.


If an individual has been exposed and has no symptoms and wishes to have testing done, it should not be done before 5 days after most recent exposure. Testing for asymptomatic patients can be done at several community testing sites, including the Alstom Power facility whose address is 1119 Riverfront Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN 37402.


Testing a symptomatic individual too early can produce a false negative result. It is reasonable to wait until day 3 of symptoms to be tested if symptoms are mild and manageable at home. It is still necessary to quarantine if symptoms are present.


If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they should quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. If asymptomatic, the 10 days starts the day of the positive test. If symptomatic, the 10 days start on the day of first symptoms. If symptoms have not improved after 10 days, the individual should remain in quarantine until they are fever free without fever-reducing medications for 24 hours and there has been improvement in other symptoms.


If a household member tests positive for COVID, the time of quarantine for other household members is 24 days. This is because the positive individual can be contagious on day 10. This means a household member could be exposed on day 10 and then would need to quarantine for 14 days.


What does quarantine mean:


Do not attend school.

Do not leave your home for work.

Do not hang out with family or friends.

Do not go to the store. Rely on friends and family members to bring you the things you need. Utilize no-contact delivery/drop-off options for groceries, food, etc.

It is OK to spend time in your yard as long as you are by yourself.

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